Ailing Space
deep space, text based, trading & fighting, MMO game


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Discovered Star Systems 4306
Discovered Celestial Objects 11521
Trading Hub Transactions 1692
CMDR K.I.A. 82
PVP Shots Fired 476
Resources Mined 38215
Items Crafted 471
Welcome to the home page of the Ailing Space online project.
Ailing Space is a text based MMO game for windows (we plan to release also for other platforms later on) with a persistent universe and a procedurally generated infinite amount of star systems to discover.

In Ailing Space you will take the role of a commander, cruising the galaxy with your ship. You will have the possibility to explore and discover systems and resources, mine them, trade goods with other commanders, create factions and struggle to gain control of the most lucrative systems, imposing taxes on trading and mining in them.
The game has a retro style terminal-like UI, totally based on text.

We are now in a alpha stage of development but we decided to open registrations to a public alpha phase to check our technical infrastructure and to see if everything works fine.

Registration is free, and later we would like to mantain our servers up and running only with the aid of player's voluntary donations.

Ailing Space is a passion project, created by Ivan Preziosi and Christopher Sacchi as a side project from their daytime jobs.

Please understand that we are no software studio, we have no testers or QA teams. We're just two guys working on a passion project in our free time.

So, if you want to be part of it, register and start cruising our little infinite universe. We are looking forward to your feedback and ideas to further develop Ailing Space!

Have fun!
"ex abrupto"

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